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Basic Knowledge.


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It is organic. It was discovered by Lumen while a scholar named Funk named it.It protects against diseases, hence the body's immune vitamin.

  • Water soluble vitamins - Vimtain B and Vitamin C (B & C) Fat soluble vitamins
  • Vitamin-A, Vitamin-D, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-K₁ Vitamins which are fat soluble are stored in the liver.
  • That is, Vitamin A will be stored in the liver, so due to lack of fat, many vitamins will not work in the body.
  • Vitamins give us energy. It protects the body from diseases and not builds the body.

Vitamin A (retinal)

  • is called the immune vitamin.
  • it prevents infection. It is found in yellow fruits. Its best source is carrot.
  • Its deficiency causes a disease called night blindness. Fish liver, cheese, eggs are good sources of Vitamin-A.

Vitamin B (Thiamine)

  • This vitamin is a group of many vitamins.Hence it is called Vitamin B Complex.
  • Its deficiency causes a disease called beri-beri.
  • Excessive consumption of maize or consumption of polished rice can lead to beri-beri.

Types Of Vitamin B

Vitamin B1

  • It is called Thiamine.

Vitamin B2

  • It is called riboflavin. It is found in mitochondria.

Vitamin B3

  • It is also called nicotinamic or niacin. Its deficiency leads to graying of hair.

Vitamin B5

  • It is called pantothiamine, its deficiency causes pellagra or skin disease.

Vitamin B6

  • Its chemical name is pyridoxine, its deficiency causes a disease called anemia.

Vitamin B7

  • Chemical name Biotin. Its deficiency leads to paralysis. It is found in sulphur.

Vitamin B11

  • Its chemical name is folic acid. Its deficiency causes dysentery.

Vitamin B12

  • Its chemical name is Cyanocobalamin. CO is found in it. The presence of CO is detected by spectrophotometry.Deficiency causes Parshin's anemia (white skin).


  1. Eggs, milk, vegetables and fish oil are good sources of Vitamin B.
  2. Vitamin - B7 (Biotin) is also called Vitamin-H.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)

  • It is found in citrus fruits. Amla is its best source.
  • it is not found in milk, eggs and non-vegetarian food.
  • it is destroyed by drinking alcohol or peeling vegetables.
  • It comes out of the body through urine, it cannot be stored in the body. It is used to heal wounds.

Vitamin D (Calciferal)

  • Its deficiency causes rickets.
  • It is found in fish oil. Get it from sunlight.
  • It is the only vitamin which is also a hormone.
  • It is the fastest-digesting vitamin.

Vitamin E (Tocopheral)

  • Its deficiency affects the fertility.
  • It is found in sprouted grains.
  • This vitamin is automatically synthesized (manufactured) by the cells.

Vitamin K ( Phylloquinan )

  • This vitamin makes the blood clot.
  • The cause of hemorrhage is vitamin K.
  • Its excess is harmful to the body. It is found in tomatoes and vegetables.

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