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Basic Knowledge.


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Disorder or pathology occurring in any part of the human body is called disease. there are many types of diseases

  1. Congenital diseases or genetic diseases This disease goes on from generation to generation. Like- hemophilias, blood slaughter.

  2. Non-communicable diseases diseases that do not spread from one person to another. Like- cancer, heart, kidney etc. disease.

  3. Infectious Disease The disease which spreads from one person to another is called infectious disease. Like- smallpox, TV, etc. Infectious diseases are mainly spread by protozoan fungi, worms, bacteria and viruses.

human diseases

[protozoan disease]


It is caused by Entamoeba histolytica nasal protozoa. This affects the large intestine, it is caused by contaminated water and food.


This sand fly is spread by sandfly, in which spleen or spleen is affected. It is caused by a protozoan called Leishmania.


This disease is caused by a protozoa called Plasmodium. It occurs in the sporozoite stage. A protozoa is carried by a female Anopheles mosquito. Spleen is affected in Malaria. Note :- Male anopheles mosquito is serif, it does not suck blood but sucks the juice of flowers. -Chloroquine is the medicine for malaria.

Nidranu Rog (निद्रानु रोग) –

This disease is caused by a protozoa named Tryp Nosin. This protozoa is carried by the Tse-Tse fly, which affects the nervous system.

Pyorrhea( पायरिया)-

is caused by the ant Amoeba gingiberry. Which is found in contaminated water. Gums are affected by this disease.

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